Home care is for everyone: young and old, families with or without children, the elderly and all caregivers


The Care Central is located in the main building of the foundation at Sta. Maria 17. All your questions regarding home care, both physically and socially, can be asked at the Care Central where your application is processed. You can visit the Care Central for information about home care or to submit a complaint. This information may focus on care provision, care access, provision of nursing aids and transport.

For a care request you will need:

  • Doctor's letter.
  • Valid identity card.
  • Valid insurance card or warranty letter.
  • Authorization which states the medical diagnosis.
  • Dismissal letter from the hospital.


Are you interested in home care for you or your family? Then feel free to contact the Care Central that is responsible for all care requests.

Care Central

Sta. Maria 17

Tel: (+5999) 888 8889 / 868 2344 ext 151

The Care Central can be reached between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Our organization can be contacted in urgent cases after 5:00 p.m., on weekends and holidays via the telephone numbers (+5999) 660 9331 and 510 3661. It is also possible to fill in the contact form on our website.

Your request for parent and child care of the consultation centers is managed via the consultation center in Brievengat via the telephone number (+5999) 737 3584.

Neem contact op met de Zorgcentrale, via dit formulier:

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We are a home care provider with personality

Stichting van het Wit Gele Kruis voor Thuiszorg “Prinses Margriet” (Stichting WGK) is the largest organization that provides home care in Curaçao. Stichting WGK is since 2008 a ISO-certified home care organization on Curaçao and we consider it an important task to guarantee quality to our clients.

Our organization offers home care in the broadest sense including district nursing, family care, as well as care for infants and toddlers.

Mission - We offer health care, help or guidance at home to people who need professional support. In this way we contribute to their health and their quality of life. 

Vision - We contribute to the health and quality of life of our customers. We consider health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just as the absence of illness or other physical defects.