Home care is for everyone: young and old, families with or without children, the elderly and all caregivers

WGK Academy

One of the goals of home care is to respond quickly and effectively to requests for help by appointing staff with the right level of expertise. Population ageing and the complexity of care are the main reasons for our foundation to continue investing in the specialization of our staff. Stichting van het Wit Gele Kruis voor Thuiszorg “Prinses Margriet” (Stichting WGK) is also preparing for the arrival of the new hospital in Curaçao, which wants to avoid unnecessary hospitalization. This will increase the demand for home care.

On March 29, 2018 our foundation signed an agreement with Breederode Hogeschool to jointly set up WGK Academy. Breederode Hogeschool specializes in education about care and welfare and has extensive experience on the Caribbean islands. We have worked closely together to realize this institution. Stichting WGK also expresses gratitude to Gino Goeloe of Wit Gele Kruis Aruba for his hospitality and cooperation. The lessons provided at WGK Academy are aimed at the further training of our staff and also to third parties. Through education Stichting WGK can guarantee the level of care and can demonstrate proof of the slogan "quality of care with trust and confidence ".

The Skills Lab of Stichting WGK is part of WGK Academy and this educational center is used for offering theoretical lessons, practical training and e-learning courses. The Skills Lab has the necessary equipment to simulate diseases and health-related situations for the training of nursing techniques and skills. Various nursing techniques and skills are tested such as:

  • injections
  • measuring bloodpressure
  • bathing clients
  • use of mobility aids
  • oncological care
  • insert infusion
  • stoma care

We are a home care provider with personality

Stichting van het Wit Gele Kruis voor Thuiszorg “Prinses Margriet” (Stichting WGK) is the largest organization that provides home care in Curaçao. Stichting WGK is since 2008 a ISO-certified home care organization on Curaçao and we consider it an important task to guarantee quality to our clients.

Our organization offers home care in the broadest sense including district nursing, family care, as well as care for infants and toddlers.

Mission - We offer health care, help or guidance at home to people who need professional support. In this way we contribute to their health and their quality of life. 

Vision - We contribute to the health and quality of life of our customers. We consider health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just as the absence of illness or other physical defects.