Official Opening Skills Lab

10 March 2018

Willemstad – On March 9, 2018, the Skills Lab of Stichting WGK was opened in a festive manner. During this official opening, attention was given to the 75th anniversary of this foundation as well.

The opening of the Skills Lab took place in the presence of Minister Hensley Koeiman of Social Development, Labor and Welfare and Renee Heerenveen, chairman of the Supervisory Board. Pastor Morrison La Porte inaugurated the building and Minister Hensley Koeiman was allowed to cut the ribbon before the attendees could view the Skills Lab. "Quality of care is of highly important to us. In 2008, our foundation achieved the first ISO certification. We have retained this certification and we are extremely proud that our foundation once again meets the new ISO 2015 standard ", says managing director Linda Cijntje-Gout. The aging of society and the complexity of care were a reason for the foundation to invest in the specialization of its staff. Stichting WGK also prepares for the arrival of the new hospital, which wants to avoid unnecessary hospitalization. This will increase the demand for home care. Lint doorknippen

During the official opening of the Skills Lab, Linda Cijntje-Gout and Renee Heerenveen showed appreciation to the staff who contributed with their efforts to the success of the foundation. Renee Heerenveen also gave extra appreciation to the nurses who recently obtained their diploma in diabetic nursing care. This training was provided by Fundashon Mariadal in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. According to Minister Hensley Koeiman, providing care is a calling. Only those with a good heart who wants to help others can do this work. The minister congratulated the staff on achieving this milestone. "The foundation also fulfills a practical role in society. We can use the information available to the foundation to gain insight into the need for care on the island, "explains the minister.

Stichting WGK also celebrated another milestone on the day of its 75th anniversary. The foundation will set up WGK Academy in collaboration with Breederode Hogeschool. By providing education, the foundation can guarantee the level of the training and express the slogan: "care with quality, that is self-evident and thrusthworhy" with certainty. Stichting WGK chose not to celebrate its anniversary in an abundately festive manner, but to give back back to society. Roughly 50 employees of the foundation took part in the CURA DOET cleaning project at Boka Sami on March 10, 2018. The employees cleaned Fort St. Michiel, the square and beach at Boka Sami. New signs for the beach were also made and the square was given a paint refurbishment.

Stichting WGK is the largest organization that provides home care for Curaçao. Despite the limited financial resources, the foundation has succeeded in fulfilling an irreplaceable role in society. The foundation started 75 years ago with offering home care to chronically ill and preventive care to children. These services have now been expanded with the transport of clients to medical institutions and the organization of activities for the elderly.