Successful seminar on diabetes

18 November 2018

Willemstad – During the  seminar on diabetes, various experts in health care provided information about the disease and how the family can support the diabetes patient in the transformation to a new lifestyle. The audience asked critical questions about various aspects of this disease. The seminar took place on November 18, 2018 in World Trade Center Curaçao.

This seminar was organized by Sokudi, Stichting Birgen di Rosario and Stichting WGK, who signed a cooperation agreement at the end of this event to promote the awareness and prevention of diabetes. The presence of roughly 200 people was proof that there is a need for more information about diabetes. The public asked questions about measures that are currently being taken in the field of prevention, to what extent diabetes is reversible and what insurance is offered in case of incapacity for work due to diabetes. There were also several questions about nutrition and foot care.


Orojilla Jacobus-Phillip, chairman of Sokudi, gave a presentation about the alarming figures of diabetes in Curaçao and in the world. She also provided information about the guidance and activities that Sokudi offers to people with diabetes. Dr. Yves Schoop provided more information about the types of diabetes, the risk factors and the ways in which the disease can be regulated. Diabetes nurse Surandley Brito spoke about the guidance of a diabetic patient during the transformation phase to a new lifestyle and how the family can support him / her in this process.

Incidentally, Jevinne Noordhof, who is a podiatrist by profession, emphasized the essence of foot care for diabetic patients. Dietitian Marianela de Lanoy discussed the various options for maintaining a healthy diet. Finally, Vincianne Martha shared her personal experience as a daughter, who had to support her mother during her illness. Her mother suffered from diabetes and had to be amputated.